A growing coffee lover, very inexperienced, yet developing my knowledge, interest and tastes for a tasty Flat White. For now it’s all about the Flat White, for the future who knows.


An adventure that takes me on a discovery to find the best Flat White in Hong Kong. Based on a category scoring system including Taste, Size, Location, Cost and bonus scores available both positive and negative. My search will cover as much of Hong Kong and Kowloon as possible, seeing new places, arriving on foot with a camera and an intrigue as to the new experience waiting for me dripped out in the form of caffeine and frothed milk.


A time in my life where the adventure and interest Coffee brought me was a sought out comfort which was very much needed. It’s more about why I’m doing it rather then what I am doing.


It all began as just a hobby, a distraction, then developed into an adventure, an interest, and now a fascination.


I am no expert, just someone with an interest that is developing. The thing with personal tastes is that it is usually personal taste.