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Category: Central

Amber Coffee

25 Apr 2018

If you have been stressed out by your exit from Central or you are preparing yourself for the expected stress of entering the manic population density of inner Des Vouex Road Central then Amber Coffee…

Fuel Espresso

12 Apr 2017

Located in three different locations around Central Fuel Espresso offers a long list of choices and for the first time on this journey a different 'type' of Flat White as an option. A 'Wellington' Flat…

Filters Lane

11 Apr 2017

It shouldn't be there however it is. Situated on Caine Road this is a pleasant discovery that offers an escape to the long trek up to mid-levels. I was welcomed by a overly sized grinder…

Peel Street Espresso Bar

23 Oct 2016

Located up Peel Street this is my go-to place for some good bagels and of course a strong, reliable flat white. The interior is very industrial and minimalist yet comfortable with a relatively brief menu,…