My first global review! When in Verbier, as you do, find the local equivalent of my journey in Hong Kong.

Offshore came up during my research numerous times and it was perfectly situated at the bottom of the Medran lifts which meant a pre-ski coffee was on the cards! My buddies and I should’ve known what we were in for, and one of them actually did, guessing the decor that was waiting for us. Hanging surfboards -check, VW in middle of coffee shop – check, Hawaiian masks on the walls – check. Very Verbier…

You would think with the refined standards the Swiss set this would be a supreme caffeine experience that would set the ski day ahead in a positive fashion. I was wrong. No better then a home brewed nespresso made by a lack luster teenager who has recently discovered foamed milk. Very disappointing, very average and what a let down. Come on Verbs!

The taste was shallow, too milky, bubbly and lacked any definitive taste that was worth anymore then this review.

“If you want to improve your understanding, drink coffee; it is the intelligent beverage.”

Sydney Smith (1771-1845)

Where to find them

27 Rue de Medran, CH-1936 Verbier


I visited back on 6th April 2017.